Песни Менестреля


Now you all know the bards and their songs…

© Blind Guardian


Caladriel was an ancient crone,
Karmic beings brought her down!
A phial of light she created,
but once she did not use it...
In a dark room she dissipated.

В пещере с гремлинами можно найти артефакт – Фиал Каладриэли, который освещает местность, используя ваши рр.

Ancient dwarfs
often come in halves.
Babbling they do,
Ladies they woo,
Useless they are,
Ignorants receive a scar.

Просто прикол. Особенно весело про “ladies they woo”:)

Hotzenplotz a bandit is,
Many a woman he did kiss,
His guards are very strong,
so don't make anything wrong.

Хотценплотц живёт в Лавенилотехле, даёт пару квестов и сам является объектом квеста шерифа. Может быть опасен для “маленьких” персонажей, так как юзает яд.

Floors without any friction
are no longer a thing of fiction.
To cope with them you need a lot of thrust,
on this one you can trust.

Для того, чтобы двигаться по 49 уровне подземелий Хаоса надо кидать вещи в противоположную от желаемой. Типа законы физики:)

I'm so lazy,
My knowledge's hazy,
My sounds are loud,
but rarely I shout.
My lyrics are coarse,
I never owned a horse.
My songs I'm improvising,
I use them for advising.
Listen with care,
and well you will fare.

Автобиография певца. Первая строчка мне напомнила песню Sex Pistols “Seventeen”:)

Chaos piranhas really bite.
All are amazed at their might.
Yrrigs knew more about this.
He manages to survive the fish.

Only fools
would try to build without tools
A bridge sturdy and strong
With good tools you can't go wrong

Обе о Могиле Высоких Королей. Для того, чтобы пересечь озеро, надо либо построить мост, либо заморозить воду. Можно ещё пройти напролом, но помни, что пираньи “снимают” за ход ~250-300 хитов. Кольцо Высоких Королей нужно, чтобы пройти мимо Вечного Стража.

In a very hot tower
your points in life get lower
Resisting fire not once but twice
Would be very wise

Не так уж и мудро. Тройной резист, а тем более иммунитет гооораздо мудрее:)

I am a baby dragon
My mother is bigger than a wagon
Still she lives in a place on watery ground
That I have never found.

Ищи пещеру с мамашкой Блупа в реке.

A small cave for beginners
The big ones are for winners
Do it the other way around
And strange monsters will be found.

В пещере к Северо-Западу от Терриньо монстры крутеют с уровнем персонажа. Опасное местечко, хотя и жутко прибыльное в плане экспы и weapon marks.

The Banshee sings a strangely compelling song,
No one can listen to it for long.
You better beware
And take care.
Beware is what you need,
Understand this verb and take heed.

Для того, чтобы не сдохнуть сразу же, надо заткнуть уши воском (use) или держать в руках wedding ring.

Chaos powers mighty and dangerous
strive to alter all of us.
Corrupting effects transform thee
faster than you would like that to be.
Although useful they might seem
they just will bring a sorrow stream.

Коррупты – дрянь, что бы не говорил менестрель!!!!:)

The Hero Rolf, of Dwarven Kind,
A Pillar of his Society --
He had an Axe, the Cutting Kind,
Which Caused Orcs Great Anxiety.
What Became of Rolf the Mighty?
Does Yet the World he Wander?
The Elders Wise and Mystics Flighty
Even they must Wonder...

Рольф исчез, зато оставил парочку “сувениров” - щит и топор. Топор можно получить у дварфа-мистика, а щит даёт старейшина за выполнение 4-го квеста, если ты lawful и обладаешь высокой харизмой и аппиренсом.

Once a tiny cavern,
was a monument built by the powers of Law.
Now it's strangely distorted,
by the powers of Chaos it's meaning thwarted.
In the depths of infinity
it holds the first part of the trinity,
which, once assembled and refitted,
will make it permitted
if forceful enough yourself ye deem!

На ~67 уровне Бесконечных Пещер живет МаЛаКаЙ, охраняющий(ая – пол варьируется) Скипетр Хаоса, необходимый для становления *обычным* Богом Хаоса. Крутой мужик (тёткаJ ) – много раз атакует и юзает яд!

The Lord of the Cats is a touchy fellow,
His teeth are sharp and his eyes are yellow.
All kinds of cats he calls his subjects,
Small ones, big ones, all he'll protect.
If kind ye be to cats, I sing,
Talk from him his precious ring!

Если не убивал разнообразных котов (f), то примерно на ~37 уровне Хаос Данжона котячий пахан наградит вас кольцом, если да – то будь готов обороняться.

Rehetep was a long-lived guy,
But his skin got cracked before his eyes.
He would not die,
And he would not quit,
But his skin just wouldn't stay well-fit.
He wrapped it up in rags at first,
But after a while the rags all burst.
Now to keep his body in,
He needs to borrow someone else's skin!

Рехетеп тусует в пирамиде. Чтоб туда попасть, уровень перса должен вписываться в интервал: 13<уровень<16.

In the forest deep,
all living beings weep
for fairies cruel and fast
won't let you last.
Search with care
and fast like lightning you might fare!

Надо search’ить в лесу за речкой, чтобы найти дерево квиклингов. А чтобы туда влезть, надо иметь два коррупта (extrmemely thin&nimble и very light). Вес рюкзака не должен превышать 150 камней.

The trinity is very tough to find
in case you mind.
three parts you will need,
lots of blood you will shed.
Once all are collected,
once your deceitful fame is erected,
once in servitude you seem to be joining,
once chaos powers the word "friend" are coining,
you'll enter the gate...
Quickly - before it's too late!

Чтобы стать Богом Хаоса, надо иметь троицу Хаоса: Medal of Chaos (даёт old crone в High Mountain Village), Crown of Chaos (выпадает из Кериакса) и Скипетр (смотри выше) или Trident of the Red Rooster (Хелавастер). Входить в ворота надо extremely corrupted.

Dungeons are Grimy
Blobs are Slimy
When dealing with Puddles
Missiles are Subtle.

Всякие ooz’ы корродят вещи и их надо быть артефактами, руками или стрелами (как советует менестрель)

Heaven help you in the tower of hell,
The elements will surely sound your death-knell,
If walking on fire still shrouds you in pain,
You might just need some more of the same...

Чтобы получить резист 3 уровня надо сожрать древнего огненного дракона.

Felines have a shiny fur.
When you feed them, they will purr.
True cat-lovers never harm them,
some musicians try to charm them.
For all others, let me warn them:
As soon as felines meet disaster
their energy rejoins their master.

Чем больше убито кошек, тем круче Cat Lord.

A drakelings scales may be crimson red
if a creature of fire for dinner he had
he may wear tough scales and two rings to boot
he may have the armour and all of the loot
but fire is still a hazard to him
cause a drakeling will start to burn from within.

He will become fast, even fast as the light
his foes may run screaming at this unearthly sight
as quicklings so fast, he may just become
but the hazard of fire will never be gone
cause the speed makes him dizzy and dazy and that
and no ring and no scales will save him from that

So the tower of fire is a dangerous thing
and you should really listen to the sound of my string
for a drakeling has really a hard time in there
without healing and stuff he won't get anywhere
So a potion or herb might be a good boon,
but if you enter without them - you are just a loon!

В Башне Вечного Пламени дрейклинги, даже если есть иммунитет, теряют по хиту за ход. А их скорость повышается до 400

An age ago, there lived a king, most pious and benevolent,
Who from his god received a ring to shield him from the elements.
This king, he had a brother true, a fighter lion-hearted,
Who sought to rout all Chaos through the Gate from whence it started.
He purged the evil from the land, his blade once never faltered,
And only by his god's own hand was his adventure halted.
"O fighter brave," his god did say, "though noble is your mission,
Yet centuries must slip away before it finds completion.
The Balance leans too much to Law, and I must now amend it;
Let Chaos have its time on Earth ere back to hell you send it.
But watch this stair eternally, and wait for Heaven's message,
To show the mighty champion who's earned the right of passage.
For only one you'll step aside and cease your faithful vigil:
The one who wears your brother's ring emblazed with Heaven's sigil."

Намёк на вечного стража. Чтобы пройти дальше, надо иметь Кольцо Высоких Королей (см выше)


Болтовня деревенского дурачка

Convenience does not mean ease of use!
Remember: wherever you go, there you are!

Какая философская мысль!:)

…the right stuff that is.
Healers are strange people -- they enjoy it if you throw stuff at weak ones...

Лечить больных монстров – это один из способов удовлетворить Джарода

The tiny island is quite magical... isn't that tragical?

РР восстанавливаются быстрее, когда стоишь на центральном островке в Терриньо

Search the garden, harvest the treasures and take some measures.
Age is power, fulfillment is a shower.
Wait till the dawn of time and yer problems will be solved.
Swing the anvil and smash the unyielding.
Wild my babbling might be, mild my being might be...
The warning I was... now the fool I am. Heat the warning.
The avatar I was... now the fool I am. Heed the warning.

Вряд ли похоже на правду:)

Discover the beginning and you will have found the end.
Sting the bee and rewarded will be thee.
Baba's my mother, Stalker my father and I'm the eternal wanderer.

Скорее вечный пьяница:)

Didst ye ever eat a hag? Try it, it's very fulfilling!

Точно дурак! Это только проклинает

A lord might come, he will kill some, others he will beat and that will be neat.
Follow the course, ride the horse, eat the bean and feel pretty lean.
Search the bard and hit him hard!

Про Филка

Yagga Yagga Yeek Yeek!
Life's a boon and ye art a goon! 


Fortune Cookies



They say that merchants are well-versed in handling coins.

To hit bonus = level, to damage bonus = level/2

They say that you need persistence and peace to truly profit from religious scriptures.

Чтение трактатов занимает уйму времени, причём в гамме 16 этого лучше не делать (уж очень они глючные)

They say that the lofty nature of some writing sets is influenced by the degree of magic invoked with it.

С помощью magical writing sets можно писать скроллы, правда при этом понижается мана

They say that corpses mark the realm of death.


They say that it is good for your survival if you can't hear death coming.

Чтоб не сдохнуть от Баньши надо заткнуть уши воском

They say that you'll have to pull mightily to plug the chaotic intrusions.

На 50 левеле надо двинуть ((h)andle) два рычага

They say that you need a lot of leverage to stop the forces of Chaos.

См. выше

They say that a paragon of Order must not violate his beliefs by any means.


They say that swamp hydras are tough food.


They say that many wands depend on the power of their wielder.

Wand of far slaying стопудово.

They say that shopkeepers base their prices upon racial preferences.

Правда. Лучше торговать с со своим соотечественником

They say that some stuff needs a lot of blessing to improve.

Чушь. Одного блесснутого potion of water хватает

They say that balors are the gatekeepers of Chaos.


Sting and Needle... Needle and Sting... twins they are and united they should be.

Вдвоём эта парочка просто рулит!

They say that faster blood means faster recovery.

Правда. И чаще хочеЦЦа жрать:)

Putting undead to rest with holy water indeed is a lawful act.

Правда. Например Грифа Бладэкса

Those without overwhelming piety won't affect elemental altars.

Правда. Элементальные алтари могут конвертировать только чемпионы.

They say that elemental altars can only be converted by the most faithful.

См. выше

They say that a good memory might pay.

Запоминайте первое убийство.

They say that boozed bozos can be very helpful.

Если potion of booze дать beggar’у, он, может быть, присоединится. Дурак в Терриньо меняет бухло на рэндомные поушены. Зависит от вашей удачи

They say that elves trade strength of body for speed.

Съешь эльфа - +1 De, -1 To

In the land of eternal darkness, light must come from within.

Против гремлинов очень помогает свет

Eating a demon daisy will make you a demon lover.

Как знать…

They say that essence of marellion moss is proof against the undead.

Да ну!

All roads lead to chaos, in the end.

Видимо, в виду имеются Коррупты

They say ye cannot shoot yourself, no matter how hard ye try.

Доппельгангеры уворачиваются от стрел. А в себя действительно не попадёшь. Даже когда drunk:)

A sharp axe is easier to wield than a sharp wit.


They say that long jumps require small moves.

Тише едешь – дальше будешь?

They say that there are many gems deep under the mountains.


They say that killing friends won't help you finding new ones.


They say that the guild of industrious brutal muggers writes really confusing manuals.

Правда. Прочитай-ка IBM manual…

They say that Infinity does not permit to visit any place twice.

Правда. После 1000 левеля бесконечные пещеры повторяются. А зачем туда ваще идти?

They say that the secret to becoming a Chaos God is hidden in the Drakalor Chain.

Именно, богом стать возможно. Как? Вот так!

They say that monuments can hold dark secrets.

Правда. (Круг с Кериаксом)

They say that the forces of Law built a monument to Infinity.

Правда (Бесконечная пещера)

They say that tiny caves can be very large.

Tiny cave к северо-западу состоит из 9 уровней, что не так уж и мало:)

They say that distortion is the way to godhood.

Опять коррупты?

They say that the great rift is very dangerous for almost everyone.

Если лезешь в Рифт burdened, то рискуешь потерять много шмоток и здоровья

They say that you need to be an expert climber to survive the great rift.

Нужен climbing 100

They say that you need to be very experienced to enter the great rift.

18 левеля хватает.

They say that you need a strong will to enter the great rift.

Willpower 20.

Your termination is long due.

После 90 дней все локации корруптят

This cookie will make you pay a high price.


Remember to write something on this cookie.


This is a joke.

Шутка :)

Join DARK (*D*ragons *a*gainst *r*easonable *k*illing).

Опять Шутка:).

Dragons want items made from their hide back.

Чушь. Наоборот, они только бесятся (enraged).

Feeding rust monsters is costly but definitely worth it.

Таким способом их можно приручать

They say that skeletons like bones.

Чушь. Им по фигу

The Mad Minstrel harbours a dark secret.

Правда. Он знает, где находится Scintillating Cave.

Care for more intelligent monsters.


To be heavy is not very nifty in a deep rift.

Правда. См выше

Being light as a feather makes you very rifty.

Не забудьте посетить дерево квиклингов!

Rifts are deep.

В общем, да.

They say that the library charges high fees.


They say that being able to read is very useful when visiting the library.

А вы как думаете?:)

They say that libraries are especially useful for wizards.

У визардов там больше книжек.

They say that you should seek the heart of the mountains.

Там находится библиотека. Правда, идти надо сквозь рифт

They say that some statues have magical bones.

Если разбить блесснутую статую, получишь ванд

They say that eating magic-wielding monsters might be a boon for your mana.


MADE: Mindcrafters Against Drunken Explorers


They say that praying at altars of your deity is helpful.

Вобще-то лучше жертвовать, а потом молиться. Можно получить прекраунинг-подарок, если ваш уровень = 8+n*3 (n-число сгенерённых артефактов)

They say that champions may pray for more favors than ordinary people.


They say that potions of booze and mana-rich potions are able to charge more than just your alcohol level.

Правда. Макайте в них ванды (кроме of wishing)

They say that holy water might bear fruits.

Правда. Если ими поливать траву.

An anvil is nothing more than an oversized ingot of iron.

Похоже на то.

Gift shops are overpriced, unless you use a five finger discount.

Цены там просто о**енные!

If you eat the heart of a Dragon, you will share in its strength.

Правда. Кушать древних драконов полезно. Даёт резист и повышает какой-нибудь атрибут.

It takes an iron stomach to eat black dragon steak.

Правда. Если сожрать чёрного дракона без соответствующего резиста, то отнимется чуток хитов.

If you lick a Karmic Lizard, you can get high.

Правда. Жрите кармиков наздоровье!

If you are doomed, this will be the last fortune you ever read.


Those of Trollish Blood must drink from the Bloody Pool.

Ничего подобного не замечал…

They say fortunes must be followed by the incantation 'in bed' to work.


Ye dost not need to find some kind of amulet to save the world.

Шутка а-ля НетХак.

They say that smashing statues might yield magical wands.

Правда, если статуи блесснутые

Some gems harbour magical powers.

Именно некоторые.

They say that you might find gems on the deep levels.

Уровень не имеет значения. Камни есть везде

They say that Berzio potions are useful for taming monsters.

Именно, если поушен blessed. Нежить нельзя приручить по-любому.

They say that thick gauntlets are great for isolating your hands.

Правда. Спасают от яда, текущего из рук.

They say that rubbing moss of mareilon onto your skin might get you moving.

Увеличивает Dexterity.

They say that the mint-flavored juice distilled out of morgia roots improves stamina, slakes thirst and conceals bad breath.

Чушь. Нельзя выжать сок из моргии

They say that Sis might enhance your creativity.

Попробуйте их поюзать. Перс задумается над тем, что с ними делать:)

They say that you should try to investigate the potential uses of beewax.


They say that monsters tamed by bards will never willingly leave.


They say that burning torches can be very dangerous.


They say that it might come in handy to discover a use for useless potions.

Кинешь такой на 49 левеле – получишь подарок от боженьки

They say that there is a secret level guarded by many powerful monsters which contains several artifacts.

Логова? Но они совсем не secret…

They say that the dungeons of mystery consist of 100 levels.

А что имеется в виду. Подземелья Хаоса – 50 уровней. Бесконечные… бесконечны:)

They say that you should wish for wishes.

Не стоит…

They say that you should wish for wealth.

Даёт деньги

They say that you should wish for friends.

Даёт лажового приручённого монстра (типа гоблина)

They say that you should wish for mana.

Прибавлятет ...mana.

They say that you should wish for appearance.


They say that you should wish for charisma.


They say that you should wish for toughness.


They say that you should wish for dexterity.


They say that you should wish for willpower.


They say that you should wish for knowledge.


They say that you should wish for strength.


They say that you should not slow down in your final fight.

Конечно. Хотя writhing masses of primal chaos активно пытаются это сделать…

They say that you only can be the champion of your deity if you are very close to your deity.

Чушь. Надо быть *extremely* close.

They say that greater vaults are hiding places for artifacts.


They say that fire is the most violent element.

Чушь. Кислота круче!

Be as resistant as you can.


They say that the radiance of chaos will corrupt you the faster the deeper you descend.


They say that once you have opened the final gate there is no way back.


They say that all white dragons suffer from a bad cold.


They say that at times mindless rage might save your life in fights.

Правда. Меняйте тактику на берсерка, если тяжко…

They say that it is not wise to leave ones cause after being crowned to be a champion.

Конечно. Боженька обидится

They say that to be a champion of one's cause is very valuable when using ancient magic.

А что есть ancient magic?

They say that some items are useful when worn shortly before special moments.

Правда. Например amulet of light в храме маны

They say that quests are noble and just.

Чушь. Квесты бывают разные…

They say that killing cats is bad for your karma.

Убивая кошек, не получишь Ring of the Master Cat

They say that excitement is a messenger of battle.

Правда."You feel excited" – маленькое логово. "You feel truly excited" – большое логово, круче монстры,больше артефактов

They say that many cursed items cause bad luck.

Чушь! Если тольо у них нет bad luck & doomed..

They say that some wands are not very reliable.


They say that kicking stairs might be bad for your health.

Данжон может обвалиться:)

They say that kicking stairs helps to train your strength.

Говорят, что так, но у меня не выходило:(

To leave the animated forest you will have to reach the corner opposite the entrance.


They say that you will need a weapon of mass destruction to come closer to your goal.

Wand of destruction подойдет.

They say that attacking shopkeepers is bad for your karma.

Правда. Если ты не хаотик, то будешь doomed & cursed

They say that the banshee transformed after losing her beloved husband.


They say that the home of the banshee is ruled by eternal decay.

Трупы там не гниют

They say that the cat lord finds no fault with ye if ye never harmed any cat.

Правда. Наградит Ring of the Master Cat.

They say that those who hear the wail of the banshee are doomed.

Ну да! Обречены на смерть:)

They say that using artifacts costs a lot of energy.

Правда. Очень кушать хоЦЦа:)

Those who guard artifacts are deadly enemies.


They say that true berserkers fight naked.

Правда. И получают охрененные бонуса к to hit и to damage!

They say that Khelavaster is still alive.


Don't believe everything *they* say.


They say that green pools contain deadly slime.


Always consider the consequences of yer deeds lest ye be surprised.


The coin of chaos has two faces -- power and corruption.


Always watch your back!

Звучит угрожающе…

Living sacrifices are the most valuable of all.

А вот и нет! Смотри здесь

They say that gods like sacrifices of food and valuable stuff.


They say that repetitive requests are frowned upon by the gods.

Правда. Не тратьте божью милость понапрасну

They say that you will feel the corrupting incursions of Chaos.


They say that your piety depends on your disposition towards all gods of your pantheon.


They say that potions of toughness tend to remove your hungry feelings.

Правда. Блесснутые круто насыщают!

They say that converting an altar is difficult without losing ones faith.

Надо жертвовать по 5 золотых за раз!

They say that sacrifices can be dangerous.

Лучше не шастать по чёрным и серым алтарям – вас самих погут принести в жертву!

They say that every coin has two sides.


They say that the gods greatly favor living sacrifices.

Смотри здесь, *что* на самом деле любят боги!

They say that the gods do not yearn for material wealth.

Чушь. Ещё как!

They say that an empty stomach is one's worst enemy.

Правда. Смотри, не умри с голодухи!

They say that too much chaos essence corrupts thy inner self.

Правда. Избегайте корруптящих артефактов

They say that at times things can get zorky.

Бискуп переиграл в Зорк!

They say that eating humans is evil.

Именно, это считается chaotic act’ом.

They say that those who have too many friends also have too many enemies.

Очередная мудрость

They say that companions fear darkness.

Они не *боятся*, просто в темноте их пожно запросто пришибить. Или они тебя:)

They say that merchants are really well-spoken thieves.

Оччччень может быть

They say that patience is the better part of valor.

Ещё мдрость

They say that shops are dangerous at night.


They say that shopkeepers sometimes try to cheat the customer.

Именно, если взглянуть на цену

They say that the king hid a lot of gold in these dungeons.

В любом данжоне можно найти много золота

They say that bugs can be really nasty.

Особенно claw bugs, которые размножаются

They say that rusted electrical items might be dangerous to the user.

Поюзай rusty wand of lightning

They say that wands of knocking might split your skull.


They say that drinking black potions during the night corrupts your soul.

Чушь. Хотя, если это potion of raw chaos…

They say that controlled teleportation is really great.

А как же!

They say that it might be useful to remain persistent with uncharged wands.

Правда. Можно выжать ещё заряд, даже если (0) charges.

They say that blessed potions of extra-healing might be a real boon.

Они восстанавливают и hp и pp

They say that cursed potions of invisibility might have strange effects.


They say that eating beings of true evil corrupts your very essence.


They say that when you hear a "Hurumph!" you'd better start to run.

Это всего лишь Дорн Бист – полная лажа для уважающего себя приключеца

They say that good gamblers know which coins they have to use.

В казино при некоторой удаче можно выиграть кучу лаве

They say that gambling is bad for your finances.

См выше

They say that corrupted things can be your boon and your doom.

Особенно некоторые

They say that the ancient dwarf knows a lot about quests.

Правда. Спроси его о quest

Note: Don't forget to throw all the poisoned cookies away.

Конечно, и не только cookies

They say that those, who manage to empty a pool, will receive a wish.

Откровенная чушь.

They say that pools contain mysterious secrets.

Именно так. И даже виши!

They say that not all herbs must be eaten.


They say that herbs have strange effects.

См здесь

They say that herb bushes grow according to magical patterns.

См здесь

Smoking is bad for your health!


Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.

Тот, кто учил латынь, видит по-другому. (Я сдал её на 4!!!!) J

Look for strange items.

Это про Си. Лежит на 7-8 уровне в подземельях Хаоса. Примечательны тем, что плодятся

They say that graveyards are dangerous places.

Смотря для кого!

They say that nobody ever heard the wail of the Banshee more than once.


They say that blessed items improve one’s eyesight.

Если это blessed potion of carrot juice, выпитая в комнате с запахом моркови, или амулет of eye

They say that cursed thieves picks might do strange things.


They say that dark elves are especially good in the night.

И чем же они так круты?

They say that hurthlings don't like shoes.

-2 De, если хёртлинг напялит башмаки

They say that kicking a stuck door helps.

Правда, но можно напороться на ловушку


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